Black November

I LIVE IN MY CAR company is THRILLED to be offering $160 in STORE CREDIT to the shoppers with the BEST review of ONE of THESE products! 

Three prizes:

1st Place - $100

2nd Place - $50

3rd Place - $10

Buy ANY product in THIS collection at a 15% BLACK NOVEMBER discount BEFORE Nov 30, 2017

(use the code - ILOVEMYCAR15 - at checkout)

Here's the step-by-step run-down:

1. Product will be shipped to your home

2. You try out the product 

3. Record a 30-sec product-review video on your phone and post it to our FB page

4. Sit back and relax as our team votes for the BEST video submissions


Rules in Detail

-Should use product for 5 days

-Your 30-sec video:

  • Showcase the product in your car - describe product's value to you, give a demo, tell a story, etc. BE CREATIVE!
  • End your video with the phrase, "I'm [your first name here], and I LIVE IN MY CAR!"
  • Post the video on our Facebook page for our team to evaluate your submission
  • Add the hashtag #iliveinmycar 
  • Tag 3 friends in your post who share your affinity for cars!

-Rules on multiple submissions:

  • Multiple submissions of different products ARE allowed! It could increase your chances of winning one of the three prizes, but you are certainly NOT required to do so
  • Limit of one prize per shopper

-Our team will announce the winners on our Facebook page and store credit redemption codes will be coordinated through FB messenger

-P.S. in the process you get to keep a killer product at a killer discount SO everybody's a winner


Must purchase product on or before November 30, 2017

Video Submission must be submitted by January 10, 2018 (36 days)

  • This gives our contestants time to receive their shipments (due to extremely high demand, shipping takes between 12-15 days), test the product, and finalize their submissions

Good luck!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS and SAFE TRAVELS! We are stoked to see the videos you create!

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